Riedis HAMA Outdoor Cruiser Balance Scooter 10 black

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More information about the product

- Completely new way of moving: Guide Write a driving pleasure balancing your body 
- 10 "Rubber tires filled with air, provide an incredible experience driving on rough and bumpy terrain 
- suitable for surfaces with a maximum slope of 15 ° 
- Possible d-go range of 18 km ( It depends on the terrain, load and driving style) 
- bright white LED light to provide better illumination of the environment and greater visibility 
- the device has been tested and certified by independent German offices engineers 
- highest security standards 

- Two powerful engines 350 
- powder coated cast aluminum plate for greater stability and protection against corrosion 
- control software programmed in Germany to provide a balanced interaction between all components 
- battery: Panasonic 36V, 5.8Ah, lithium ions 
- 208.8 Wh battery with a comprehensive, protective electronics 
- audio-visual alarm indicating low battery 
- Activity monitoring battery temperature 
- overheat protection 
- Additional protection of electronic components inside the device from moisture and vibration 
- project supported by the German company Wheelheels 
- Development and installation in Germany

Contents of the package

- 1 electric eskorolka Outdoor Cruiser 
- 1 battery charger 
- Manual electric skateboards 
- Manual battery chargers

Technical data

Dimensions and weight

Max. Capacity 120 kg
Tyre Size 25.4 cm (10 ")
Weight 12.5 kg


Charging time (hours) 3
battery 36V, 5.8Ah, Lithium-Ion

Links (connections, inputs)

Range 18 km

Physical properties

Maximum Speed 15 km / h
Tyres Air-Filled
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